Weight Watchers International, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and trust throughout all levels of its organization and between it and all of its members and shareholders. Our board of directors and executive officers are committed to upholding sound principles of corporate governance and meeting all Securities and Exchange Commission and New York Stock Exchange requirements.

Our board of directors is currently composed of eleven members and has the following standing committees:

  • The Audit Committee, which is comprised solely of independent non-employee directors, oversees the reliability and integrity of our accounting policies, financial reporting, and our disclosure practices. The committee also reviews the Company’s system of internal controls and compliance processes and oversees our auditors.

  • The Compensation and Benefits Committee, which is comprised solely of non-employee directors, reviews the compensation of directors, employees, executive officers and other key employees as well as the company's overall compensation philosophy.

Weight Watchers is devoted to acting in the best interests of its shareholders and operating a successful, highly respected business.