Our employees are the reason for our success. Their relationship with our members and subscribers has a tremendous impact on our members’ and subscribers’ weight loss success and it is their continued commitment to helping members and subscribers achieve that success that drives our growth and innovation. We strive to be a place where each of our employees across the globe, with the support and respect of their colleagues, can reach their greatest potential and be inspired to map paths of success for our members and subscribers. To that end, we create a positive, open and motivating work environment by living our Company Values which guide us in our day-to-day work conduct. We believe our Company Values lay the foundation for the type of workplace we strive to be and the services we aspire to provide our customers. We also have policies and programs that foster this environment like the ones highlighted below.

  • Compensation and Benefits. Our compensation and benefits program is designed to recognize and reward employees for their contributions to our success. This program includes many benefits beyond base salary that may, subject to local law, customs and practices and other variables, include performance-based compensation and certain medical, disability, life insurance, retirement, employee assistance and wellness benefits.

  • Diversity. We value and respect differences in others. We recognize that a team comprised of a diverse group of people not only promotes innovative thinking, but better reflects and serves our diverse customer base worldwide. Our efforts to support diversity include fostering an inclusive work environment where we recognize and encourage the contributions of everyone. We have several policies and practices that support these efforts, including those related to equal employment and anti-harassment. Also, we expect and require that every employee treat others with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment.

  • Open Door Policy. We foster open lines of communication by maintaining an informal, highly accessible management and Human Resource staff. We do this to strengthen our commitment to high levels of employee morale and job satisfaction by providing an open forum for our employees to speak out.

  • Recognition. We celebrate and recognize our employees for their service, both formally and informally. This recognition is based on many factors including individual performance, supporting members and subscribers in their weight loss success and tenure of service. Our awards and other recognitions are tailored to local customs and practices as well as the unique role of each employee. We also recognize the efforts of our leaders and other service providers in supporting the weight loss success of our members and subscribers through service awards.

  • Talent. We have established review processes and other talent management tools to assist each of our employees in their professional development so that they may reach their greatest potential. Through our global talent management process, we also focus on succession planning and leadership development.

  • Feedback. In order to promote honest dialogue with our employees, we have conducted employee engagement surveys from time to time. The purpose of these surveys was to learn what we do well and areas where we could improve our employees’ work experience. We intend to continue to conduct similar surveys so that we can continue to build on our learnings.