We see community not only in our day-to-day interactions with our customers but in the towns and cities where we live and work and the broader global community. We have helped people in communities throughout the world achieve a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life through healthy, sustainable weight loss. We are committed to providing our communities with the tools, knowledge and support for their efforts in combating the international health epidemic of obesity. Community support is the foundation of our unique weight loss program and offerings. We believe the support of a community, whether on a local or global level, can have a meaningful impact on this health epidemic.

We strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on this health epidemic through our community of customers and employees but realize we must work together, and encourage our customers and employees to do the same, with other community organizations, employers and authorities to meet this challenge.

In 2018, we launched WW Good™, a global social impact campaign that aims to make health and wellness more accessible to all by igniting the WW global community of more than four million members and 18,000 employees, as well as their networks of family, friends and colleagues to support under-served communities and help them become healthier. partnered with WE, an international organization that makes doing good, doable, by giving people the tools to take action on local and global causes, along with Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit that provides families in poverty with produce-purchasing power to make healthier food choices by providing affordable access to fruits and vegetables. Over the 12 weeks of summer, WW will donate a total of $650,000 to these non-profit organizations to support their efforts to make wellness accessible to people throughout the world.

While promoting a healthier lifestyle, along with good nutrition, is the core focus of our community initiatives, we also support local efforts through employee fundraisers and, in some cases, employer matching, and other efforts by our employees to assist their communities. Our commitment takes various forms and has led us to partner with different national and local organizations. For instance, in 2016 and 2017, WW partnered with the American Cancer Society in support of Project L.I.F.T. – Live Inspired. Fight Together. The movement aimed to inspire and guide breast cancer survivors struggling with unexpected weight gain post-treatment through free resources, community events and tailored workshops. Over the two years of the collaboration, WW raised more than $1 million in the effort to help the American Cancer Society save lives from breast cancer.

In addition, we partner with employers to address the challenge of obesity by working with corporate leaders and wellness representatives to strategize on how we can work together to bring sustainable solutions to their own communities.